As many as 76 of 100 overnight trips in rural areas in 2014-15 were for health and medical reasons, government data show, an indication of India’s scant rural healthcare.

In urban areas, health and medical reasons accounted for 42 of 100 trips, according to this report (2014-15) on domestic tourism, the latest available data.

Travel for medical reasons accounted for 65 of 100 trips nationwide, followed by 34 trips for leisure and holidays.

Only 23 trips in rural areas were for leisure, while 57 trips in urban areas were for leisure or holidays, according to government data.

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Source: Ministry of Statistics and Policy Implementation

A recent IndiaSpend report (July 3, 2017) revealed the healthcare situation in rural areas. Rural Bihar is 81% short of community health centres (CHCs) that provide secondary health care, IndiaSpend reported on July 3, 2017.

(Salve is an analyst with IndiaSpend.)