SOSIndia4U, which was launched in the wake of COVID-19 second wave, is not being updated anymore. In four months, we looked through all helplines being circulated online, called them up to verify and provide people with credible COVID-19 relief resources. This was an effort to ensure you get the right information at the time of crisis when every minute counts.

We started with a single-digit number and now, we have for you, verified helplines for hospitals, government control rooms, telemedicine, ambulance & food services for 135 cities, 3 UTs & 1 state. We have also verified 34 NGOs seeking donations to keep helping the ones in need.

The database has been paused for now and we will be back if there arises a need for such credible resources. But do keep clicking on and checking back and letting us know if something does not work on or fill this form

Access the web app version of this database on

Our work also shows:

1. Most numbers being circulated and shared online are unusable
2. Government lines are accessible and better placed than private contacts to provide emergency relief.
3. In some cases, although the numbers are accurate, but either they don't have stock or beds available. We will keep updating as and when there's availability.
4. In latter part of June, we observed that many COVID-19 facilities were either being shut down or being opened up for all patients owing to fewer cases.
5. In July, we noticed that people volunteering for services like oxygen delivery or ambulance availability stopped providing those services after cases dropped.

Guide to better use the table:

1. There are tabs for cities. These tabs are at the bottom of the window below.
2. The order of the information available is medicines, hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, food and doctors.
3. If any column is not included on any city page, it means we either don't have verified numbers on that front or the verified places don't have stock.