That was Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi talking about Tamil Nadu's unemployed youth. A look at Census data and unemployment data from the labour ministry proves him wrong on both counts: * Six million youth in the age group he refers to are unemployed, not nine million. * About 14% of graduates are unemployed, not 33%. Tamil Nadu has nearly 21 million youth (15-30 years):

The all-India unemployment rate for the age group 18-29 is estimated at 12.9% across Inida, based on what is called "the usual principal status approach", according to data released by the labour ministry. The unemployment rate for those above 30 is 1.4%. The usual principal status relates to the employment status of a person during the last completed twelve months from the date of survey.

So, the unemployment rate in Tamil Nadu is 11% among the 18-29 age group, which is lower than the national average of 13%. 33% Tamil Nadu graduates unemployed? 14% is the real figure Only 14% of those aged 18-29 years who are graduates and above are unemployed in Tamil Nadu. By Gandhi's calculation, 33% are without jobs.

Even if we add higher secondary and diploma/certificate holders to the educated group, unemployment would be 29% in the 18-29 age group. The unemployment figure is around 3% for graduate and above in the 30 years and above category in the state.
So, of 21 million youth in the state (15-30 years), only six million educated youth would be unemployed, not nine million as Gandhi claimed. Across India, labour ministry data show the highest unemployment (16%) among graduates and the lowest among illiterates and below primary-level education (2%).

IndiaSpend had also reported how education was not providing jobs, the "curse of the unemployed".