India will have two of the world's biggest cities in the world by population in 2030, in which 1.2% of the world's urban population of 5.06 billion will reside, according to a press release by the World Water Council, an international multi-stakeholder platform that works on water-related issues, and data from the United Nations.

Delhi will have 36.1 million people in 2030--more than the urban population of Malaysia in 2030--while Mumbai will have 27.8 million people, more than the urban population of Australia.

By 2030, 70% of the world's population will live in cities (up from 54% in 2014) even as 60% of the world's urban settlements remain to be built, according to the World Water Council press release. There will be a 50% increase in the demand for energy and water, the release added.

Overall, 39% of India's population will reside in urban areas, equalling 583 million people, according to projections from the United Nations.

Source: World Water Council

(Shah is a writer/editor with IndiaSpend.)